FBC E-Blast - April 17, 2017
FBC E-Blast

April 17, 2017

The Greatest Act of Love - Romans 5

What do you think about when you see a depiction of Christ on the cross? Most of us are overwhelmed by the physical and emotional suffering that He endured - the scourging, beating, thorns, nails, mocking, and shame. We are horrified at the cruelty of the Romans and the hard hearts of the Jewish rulers.

But during the crucifixion, far more was happening than the eye could see. God was carrying out His plan to rescue mankind, providing everything we need for salvation:

  1. Redemption. Jesus paid the full price of the debt we owed for transgression: death. His payment set us free from bondage to sin.

  2. Forgiveness. God could now release us from the punishment we deserved.

  3. Propitiation. Christ’s payment satisfied the Father by fulfilling His demand for justice while letting Him forgive us.

  4. Justification. On the basis of Jesus’ sacrifice, the Lord now declares believers not guilty. Although we will still sin in this earthly life, our standing before God is one of righteousness. This is a legal declaration that can never be reversed.

  5. Reconciliation. The sin barrier that separated us from the Father was removed by Christ’s death on our behalf. We’re now God’s children—we have open access to Him and fellowship with Him.

The crucifixion was the only way to rescue lost humanity. If there had been any other way, the cross would have been a grotesque display of divine cruelty. But because so much was at stake, it can truly be called the greatest act of love by both the Father and the Son.

Current Sermon Series
      How different would the world look if everyone got what they deserved? Would your salary be the same? What would our prisons look like? Would nice guys finish first or last? Or would things be a lot worse? This four-part sermon series takes a look at the things we actually deserve that God's forgiveness spares us from: death, condemnation, rejection, and being counted out.

Last Week:
      Jesus was crucified between 2 criminals. One was unrepentant and mocked Christ. The other rebuked the other criminal and owned up to his sins, and asked Christ to remember him. He deserved death, especially spiritual death, and Jesus gave him life.
      Sunday's message is available for streaming or for download on our
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Next Week:
      Next week, we will be digging into I Deserve Condemnation But He Gave Me Mercy by looking into the woman that was caught in the midst of adultery.

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