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FBC E-Blast - April 28, 2014
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April 28, 2014
How To Listen To God's Word
Nehemiah 8


How is it that two people can sit in the same pew, hear the same sermon about the same portion of Scripture, and walk away with two different reactions? One is joyful and the other unaffected. I think the reason is that some people do not know how to listen to the Word of God.


Nehemiah 8 is an amazing scene of God's people coming together to hear His Word. Remember that they didn't have individual copies of Scripture to read. For generations, the events of Genesis though Deuteronomy were passed down from parent to child. Moreover, the people had been in captivity for many years. This was the first time most of them heard the Word read. Imagine their excitement as they listened attentively for the Lord to speak to them.


The Israelites were hungry for God's Word. Are you? Do you listen eagerly and with an expectant mind and heart? The length of a person's attention span is directly related to the intensity of his hunger for something. If you crave to know more of God, then your mind is going to be fastened on what He's saying through your pastor or your personal reading. And the reality is that nothing in the world mattersas much as what the Lord has to say.


So many things clamor for our focus but few truly deserve it. The Lord is worthy of nothing less than our undivided attention. He has something to say to every person. So whoever listens to Godís Word with an open heart and alert mind will receive from Him.


Used with permission from In Touch Ministries, Inc.




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To the dead man, Jesus was life. To the prostitute, He was a second chance. To the searching, He was the long-awaited answer. Discover what it means when He says, "I Am Jesus." In this series, learn some of the different ways Jesus is represented in the Bible: as the Resurrection and the Life, as the Good Shepherd, as the Light of the World, and as the Vine.


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      We are sheep and we need a shepherd as well as a Savior. There are many shepherds, but only one Good Shepherd. He will lovingly guide us, provide for us, correct us, and protect us.
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      Next Sunday we will finish our series with I Am The Vine.


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April 28 - Ladies Bible Study at 6:30 PM at Linda's house.


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May 18 - Church Anniversary Celebration - We will be celebrating 120 years that our church has been in Midway. We will be having a carry-in dinner as well as the unveiling of the redone church bell.


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