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FBC E-Blast - August 11, 2014
FBC E-Blast


August 11, 2014

Where Are You?

Genesis 3

After not listening to God, Adam and Eve found themselves in a terrible predicament. Their first reaction was to cover up rather than "fess up." Fig leaves can never hide the root problem of sin, but even today, we still try this approach (v. 7). Instead of acknowledging and confessing sin, we often attempt a quick surface fix of the situation.

Adam and Eve's second response was to avoid God. They knew they were guilty of disobeying, but instead of coming to Him to reestablish their relationship, they hid from Him in fear (v. 8). We can do the same thing when sin breaks our fellowship with the Lord. Have you ever found yourself avoiding prayer and time in the Scriptures because you were struggling with sin and felt guilty?

A third reaction was to try and avoid personal responsibility by blaming others (vv. 12-13). Shifting guilt to another person can't remove it. We are each responsible before God for our actions, regardless of the circumstances or who else is involved.

Despite Adam and Eve's sin and their evasive ways of handling it, the Lord came to them (v. 9). Our sin is never large enough to keep Him away; our Father still calls to us and asks, "Where are you?" He knows what we have done and why, but He questions us so that we can come to realize our desperate state.

Never let guilt or shame keep you from God. He continually seeks those who have made a mess of their life and speaks to them through His Word, His Spirit, and His people. Forgiveness and a restored relationship await all who are willing to listen and respond with confession and repentance.

Used with permission from In Touch Ministries, Inc.

Current Sermon Series:

      As we continue our study in Ephesians, we will look into some of the things that God calls us to. We will see in Ephesians 1:15-23 that we have The Call To Understanding. In Ephesians 2:1-10 we will see that God has given us The Call To Salvation. Then in Ephesians 2:11-22 we will see The Call To Unity.
Last Week: In the first part of the Call to Salvation, we learned that we are saved from sin. We need this becuase we have been alienated from God because of our sin, sin is the activity of sin. What a glorious God Who would provide salvation from sin.
      Sunday's message is usually available for streaming or for download on our website, just under the calendar, or by visiting us on iTunes, but since we were at Church Outside, we were unable to record that message.

Next Week: We will continue our series from our continued study of Ephesians, The Call of God. We will finish up our topic of The Call to Salvation.

August 19 - Trustee's Meeting at 7PM

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September 7 - Carry-In Fellowship Dinner following AM Worship Service.

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