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FBC E-Blast - August 19, 2013
FBC E-Blast

August 19, 2013


FBC E-Blast

Weekly Newsletter of First Baptist Church of Midway

Current Sermon Series

  What is missions? What does it have to do with our daily walk with God? What should I be doing with it? Find the answer to these questions as we explore On A Mission From God.

Last Sunday:

    Missions giving is detrimental to our fulfilling the Great Commission. We are to excel in this area of grace as well as faith and others. There are different plans on how to give to missions, but we are to do so by faith and after the first fruits.
  Sunday's message is available for streaming or for download on our website, just under the calendar, or by visiting us on iTunes.

Next Sunday:

      Join us as we continue our series On A Mission From God as we look into The Great Comissions and You.

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The Final Exam

Matthew 25


"Pay attention because there will be a test later." Upon completing their schooling, most people are relieved not to have to hear those words anymore. Well, your testing days are not quite over, because God has a final exam for believers. Below is a brief "study guide" outlining what the Lord's faithful can expect at His judgment throne.


Questions. Examining each believer's life from the moment of salvation to death, God looks for answers to three questions:


  • How much truth did the person know?
  • How many opportunities did he or she have to use that truth?
  • What did the individual do with those opportunities?


Rewards. Every person who receives Jesus Christ as Savior shares in the gift of eternal life. However, just as each one is judged by his or her own life, so are rewards given individually. Though the Bible is not specific about the nature of heavenly blessings, the promise of receiving them permeates its pages (Matthew 5:12, 6:4; I Corinthians 3:8; Revelation 2:23).


Throughout life, our heavenly Father provides each of us with so many big and small ways to honor Him. Take my advice: Do not waste a single moment of preparation time! On the appointed day, you will want to stand before Him, certain that you used your opportunities to the fullest.

Used with permission from In Touch Ministries, Inc.

Upcoming Events:

August 24 - Men's Prayer Breakfast at 8 AM at the church. The topic to be discussed will be determined soon.

      At 9:30 AM there will be a church-wide work day, as we will be repairing the soffit and fascia and possibly putting up new gutters.


August 25 - Lord's Supper and Deacon's Fund Offering following AM Service


September 1 - Special Business Meeting following AM Service

      At 9:30 AM there will be a church-wide work day, as we will be repairing the soffit and fascia and possibly putting up new gutters.


September 15 - We will be having our annual Church Outside followed by a picnic. There will be no services at the church. Place is still to be determined.