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FBC E-Blast - December 10, 2012
FBC E-Blast
First Baptist Church
December 10, 2012
Useless Without The Gospel


Philemon might seem like an odd book to include in the Bible - it's only one chapter, 25 verses of a very personal letter from Paul to Philemon. But it reveals a bigger picture of how the Gospel changes everything, even the most strained relationships

Onesimus was a slave, owned by Philemon. He stole from his master and ran away to Rome, most likely never to be seen again. But then Onesimus met Paul - the same Paul that led Philemon to Christ! - and Onesimus was saved as well. So how does that change how a master and slave relate to one another?

Through Jesus' death on the cross and forgiveness of our sins, all those who confess and believe not only have eternal life, but become brothers and sisters in Christ. In our eyes and in the perspective of the culture of the time, Philemon and Onesimus only had one relationship - master and runaway slave, the wealthy Christian and the useless thief. But in the Kingdom, because they're both Christians, now they're brothers. They have the same Heavenly Father and share in the same eternal inheritance. The old is gone, the new has come.

Paul says, [Onesimus] who once was unprofitable to you, but now is profitable to you and to me. Philemon lost a slave, but gained a brother; he lost property and found family. The owner/owned relationship is gone, replaced by brotherhood in God's Kingdom. Both the slave and the slavemaster can fellowship as redeemed sinners, saved by grace through faith. Because God reconciles us to Himself through the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus, Philemon and Onesimus can be reconciled to one another.

Like Onesimus, we're useless without the Gospel. We're dead in our sins. But God, being rich in mercy, made us alive together with Christ. Together. Because of Jesus, we can have hope that all our relationships can be reconciled, no matter the situation.

Used by permission from NewSpring Church

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    God is with us - in answered promises, realized dreams, and refreshed hope. How could we help but sing? Let's explore the songs born from our joy that Christ has entered the world. Join us for Carols.
Last Sunday:
  We continued our series Carols by looking at another Christmas Carol, O Come, All Ye Faithful. This song can be a bit daunting. We usually do not feel faithful, joyful or triumphant, especially around this time of year. God calls the weary and burdened sinners to Him. Then HE makes us faithful, joyful and triumphant.
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Next Sunday:
  We continue our series on by looking into the song Away In A Manger. We hope to see you next week!
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December 15 - Deacon's Meeting at 9 AM

December 15 - Christmas Caroling - Meet at church at 3 PM

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Special Opportunity

We have been approached by an individual who wants to help our church to be proactive in being prepared for the future. Recently there was a chance to purchase the house behind the church, but we were not in any position to purchase it. They have since taken it off the market, but will most likely be putting it back on the market in a year or so. This anonymous person has offered to match up to $5000 each month (from May through December) that would be given to the parsonage fund over and above your regular offerings. This is a great opportunity to get prepared to purchase some needed property for parking since our church is landlocked. Please consider donating some money towards this fund so we can be better prepared for this possible opportunity. We have raised $9,760! Praise the Lord!!
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