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FBC E-Blast - December 16, 2013
FBC E-Blast

December 16, 2013


FBC E-Blast

Weekly Newsletter of First Baptist Church of Midway

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  What are you hoping for this Christmas? A new TV? A no strings attached shopping spree? That the family gets along at dinner? That you don't lose your job? That your spouse doesn't leave you? We're all hoping for something. But what's going to come through for us this Christmas?

Last Sunday:

  Peace is something that we all want, but true peace comes from a relationship with Christ. We try to manufacture peace, but it always fails. We think that a life free of crisis will bring peace. Nope! Only a life with Christ will bring peace.
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Next Sunday:

      We will conclude our series Hope, next Sunday. We are going to see three reasons why Jesus Is Extraordinary. We will start in Matthew 1.

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Walking with Greater Confidence

Hebrews 11


It is the Lord's desire that we walk by faith. Yet if we consider our lives honestly, most of us will find a number of areas where we struggle to trust. Some days it is easier to relinquish control, while at other times we quickly take matters into our own hands.


Thankfully, our heavenly Father is patient and loving. His Word clearly teaches that sanctification is the process of making us holy, and not just the end result. Children are a great illustration of how this works. When toddlers learn to walk, they start by pulling up on something, standing, and then taking a step. Inevitably, they will fall, at which point we help them back up so that they can keep progressing. In the same way, God shows us how to live according to our faith in Him, but we will make mistakes. Falling and getting up again are part of the learning process.


The Lord teaches us, but we also have a role in learning. Our responsibility is to study Scripture, to get to know God's nature, and to learn His promises. As we do these things, our confidence in God grows, enabling us to make choices that require us to believe in and lean on Him. When we step out in faith and experience Christ's provision and dependability, our trust grows.


Consider the responses, actions, and decisions you've made this week. How many of those were led by the Spirit? And how many were human reactions done out of self-reliance? Living on the basis of trust in Christ requires belief and action. As you allow Him to lead, faith will grow.

Used with permission from In Touch Ministries, Inc.

Upcoming Events:


December 21 - Washington City Mission Outreach. We will be serving chicken on a biscuit, and corn. If you have any questions, please contact Rick Paterni. We will leave from the church at 2:00 PM, if you want to caravan. If you know where you are going it, we need to be there by 2:30 PM.
    Christmas Caroling starting at 4:45 (it was 5:45, but we changed it) at the Washington City Mission


December 24 - Christmas Eve Service at 5 PM. No services on December 25.


December 29 - Special Speaker for the AM Worship, Dale Bish, Jr.


December 31 - New Year's Fellowship at 8 PM. No services on Jan. 1.


March 20-21 - Couple's Retreat with Bob Burney. Place and cost TBD.