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FBC E-Blast - December 26, 2011
FBC E-Blast
December 26, 2011

Permanent Scars

John 21

Despite all his big talk about having Jesus' back, when it came down to it, Peter was a big chicken. In the emotional aftermath of his denial of Christ, Peter tells all his buddies, "I'm going fishing," and heads back to the family trade. What happens next could be described as God-ordained deja vu or just a spiritual do-over. As Peter fishes, Jesus calls to him and asks if he's caught anything? Peter, not realizing that the risen Jesus was speaking to him, replies, "Nothing." Jesus says to him, "Throw your net on the right side of the boat and you will find some." When the boat is practically sinking from the weight of the fish, Peter is suddenly reminded of how Jesus first called him into ministry (Luke 5). Realizing that only Christ could call him in such a way, he puts his clothes on and jumps in the water! Peter is restored to ministry and called again to do the work of Christ.

Jesus' words to Peter in John chapter 21 have encouraged me unlike any other. Through this story of restoration, Jesus has shown me that I am not damaged goods. That I, despite my devastating failures and permanent scars, can still be used for His purposes. It's been in those times of healing and restoration that I have been made most aware of Christ's love for me. Understanding His great love for me makes me want to take ridiculous leaps toward Him and for Him, just as Peter did.

Used by permission from NewSpring Church

A Note From Pastor:

We pray that you all had a wonderful time with friends and family during the Christmas season. For some it is still going on. We hope that you have taken time to thank the Lord for His gift of sending His Son to this earth for our salvation. May God continue to bless you and your families.

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January 4 - Kid's Night Resumes at 6:30 PM

January 18 - Annual Business Meeting at 7:30 PM

Upcoming Series

I Quit
      Fed up with the status quo? The way things are isn't the way things have to be. Come see what happens when we're ready to say, "I quit." Join us as we begin the New Year by quitting some things like: I Quit Making Excuses, I Quit Complaining, I Quit Living in Fear, and I Quit Comparing.

      We finished our Christmas series as Pastor preached the message, Prince of Peace. We saw that we can only have peace in this life when we come under the protection of the Sar Shalome, the Prince of Peace. Due to technical difficulties, this messasge is not available. Normally, Sunday's message is available on our website, just under the calendar, or you can listen by visiting us on iTunes. You can also listen to previous messages.

Next Week:
      Pastor will be starting a new series called I Quit. We will start with I Quit Making Excuses. We hope to see you here!

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