FBC E-Blast - February 17, 2014
FBC E-Blast

February 17, 2014


FBC E-Blast

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  What's chipping away at your soul? What's getting in the way of you becoming the person God created you to be? Let's explore how we can neutralize damaging influences and embrace clean living in Soul Detox. This series covers the things that can create peaceful souls or tortured souls within us, topics like purity, sin, repentance, indecision, regret, and pain.

Last Sunday:

  Nehemiah finished strong in spite of the work of the enemy to distract and discredit him from his work on the wall. He responses were, "I'm not coming down!" and "I am not giving up!" We need to do the same thing when the enemy tempts us!
  Sunday's message is available for streaming or for download on our website, just under the calendar, or by visiting us on iTunes.

Next Sunday:

  Next week, we start a new series Soul Detox, by looking into The Restless Soul.

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The Touch That Transforms

Matthew 19


There are many types of touch - such as the encouraging pat on the back, the comforting hug, and a parent's loving squeeze. Each conveys something unique and can communicate powerfully.


No matter what the situation was, Jesus knew just how to touch people - sometimes with His hand but always with His heart. Consider how lives were affected by coming in contact with Him. For instance, in today's reading, Jesus called the children to Himself, placed His hand upon those little ones, and blessed them.


With His physical touch, the Savior also cured many illnesses. Peter's mother-in-law was immediately better when Jesus placed His hand on hers (Matthew 8:14-15). Later, when soldiers and religious leaders came to arrest Christ, Peter struck the high priest's servant and cut off his ear. The Lord, however, lovingly reached out and healed the injury (Luke 22:50-51).


Other times, Jesus used words to impact people. For example, when He told Lazarus to come out of the grave, the dead man arose (John 11:43-44). Christ also healed a paralytic by speaking to him (Matthew 9:6). And the Samaritan woman's life was transformed through a mere conversation with the Savior (John 4:7-29). She felt His heart even though there was no physical touch.


God touches us today as well. We can't experience Him physically hugging us or placing a hand of blessing upon our heads, but His Word, His Spirit, and His truth move us in the depths of our being. Jesus feels our pain and moves us, giving us salvation and transforming our lives.

Used with permission from In Touch Ministries, Inc.

Upcoming Events:


February 18 - Trustee Meeting at 7 PM


February 22 - Annual Soup Cook-Off at 6 PM. A great time of fellowship and a night to eat some great homemade soup!


February 23 - Special Business Meeting following AM Worship Service concerning proposed changes to the Church Covenant and Constitution.


March 21-22 - Couple's Retreat with Bob Burney. Cost is $125 + food (lunch on Saturday). We will be staying at Inn at Walnut Creek, OH, near Sugar Creek. Our first session will begin at 8 PM. There are 7 king size bedrooms, first 6 to pay will get them! For any questions, please contact Pastor Ben. Please sign up and/or pay by February 23.

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