FBC E-Blast - February 1, 2016
FBC E-Blast

February 1, 2016

Do We Really Need One Another? - I Corinthians 12

Believers have two responsibilities. The first is to worship God and the second is to work for His kingdom. Where and how we serve is based upon our unique talents, skills, and calling. But the one place where we are all expected to give of ourselves is the local church.

When you were saved, the Lord baptized you by the Holy Spirit into His church - the body of believers who live all over the world but are united by trust in Jesus Christ. You then chose, according to the will of God, to become part of a local, autonomous group of believers. He placed you there because He knows that you are needed (I Corinthians 12:18). You are significant to your home church.

The church is more than a community. It is an interdependent body with individual members who were created by God to function in communion with one another. We Christians, like the world at large, are a diverse group, and that means we often have to strive hard for unity. But our differences are actually something to be celebrated, because each person uniquely contributes to God's purpose. A church that is truly operating as a unit - with all its varied gifts, talents, personalities, and intellects focused toward kingdom goals - must be a beautiful sight before the Lord.

Christianity isn't a spectator religion. We all have jobs to do in God's kingdom. The body of Christ functions best and most beautifully when all members resolve to serve God and each other to the best of their ability (v. 25). What are you doing for your church?

Current Sermon Series
      We've been studying In The Beginning..., how this world began. We covered the topics of God, Creation, the fall of Satan, the fall of mankind, and the promise of redemption. Join us as we continue this series, as we cover the first 11 chapters in Genesis. Lord willing, we will look at Cain and Abel, Generations of Adam, Noah, and other topics.

Last Week:
      In this section of Genesis 11, we see the construction of the Tower of Babel. We see the Actions of Man, then the Actions of God, and then Moses summarizes it all. God could have destroyed mankind for their sins, but instead His judgment is dispersion.
      Sunday's message is available for streaming or for download on our
sermons page, or by visiting us on iTunes.

Next Week:
      Next week, we will be concluding our series In The Beginning... by looking into the latter part of chapter 11. We are going to

Upcoming Events

February 5 - Church-wide Bowling at 7 PM at West Pike Bowling in Canonsburg. The cost is $12, which includes shoes and unlimited bowling for 2 hours.

February 7 - Carry-In Fellowship Dinner Following AM Worship Service

February 11 - Activities Planning Meeting at 7 PM at the church. Come with ideas!!

February 14 - Deacon's Meeting at 8 AM

February 28 - Lord's Supper & Deacon's Fund Offering following AM Worship Service

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