FBC E-Blast - February 29, 2016
FBC E-Blast

February 29, 2016

Already Judged - John 3

As a society, Americans are fond of their rights. We're very protective of our liberties, even when they might bring harm rather than good. That can be true of spiritual matters as well. For example, exercising the "right" to reject God's plan of salvation leaves a person in a condemned condition.

I have heard the following phrase often in my years of ministry: "I don't believe God is going to condemn me to hell." I agree, but not with the comment's intended meaning - that a person is worthy of heaven on the basis of his own merit. You see, it is true that the Lord doesn't condemn people to hell. He allows them to opt for that eternal destination themselves. They have a right to choose.

God says that those who do not believe in Jesus Christ have been judged already (v. 18). In other words, by rejecting - or politely ignoring - their need for a Savior, unbelievers have chosen to remain unsaved and unforgiven. Scripture teaches that there will one day be a judgment, but God has already determined that those who trust in Christ will stand with Him while the rest will be sent away (Matthew 25:34-46). An unrepentant man or woman is not condemned by God but, rather, has chosen to remain in the company of all those condemned by their own free will.

God desires that everyone come to a saving knowledge of His Son Jesus Christ (II Peter 3:9). To that end, He has granted each person the right to decide whether or not to follow in obedience. However, those who reject the Savior are forewarned that they have settled for condemnation.

Current Sermon Series
      We love offering little nuggets of advice, support, or sympathy. They come in handy when we want people to feel better. But what if the guidance you're giving or receiving just isn't true? What if God Never Said That? This four-week series tackles common myths about God, like God wants you happy or God never gives you more than you can handle, and how those myths keep us from having a deeper relationship with Him.

Last Week:
      We saw 3 cultural misbeliefs about sin. 1) I'm not a bad person. 2) All sin is the same. 3) Since I've already done it, I might as well keep doing it. None of that is true! We need spiritual maturity to battle these misbeliefs.
      Sunday's message is available for streaming or for download on our
sermons page, or by visiting us on iTunes.

Next Week:
      Next week we will finish up our seris of God Never Said That by looking into the cultural lie of It Doesn't Matter What You Believe As Long As You're Sincere.

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