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FBC E-Blast - February 3, 2014
FBC E-Blast

February 3, 2014


FBC E-Blast

Weekly Newsletter of First Baptist Church of Midway

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  There's a slice of the world just waiting for your imprint. How will you shape it? Learn how you're uniquely qualified to make a difference in Change Your World in 52 Days.

Last Sunday:

  Nehemiah was a man who was used by God because of his passion. We saw how he became a change-the-world leader. We saw how to in order to be like him, you need to: 1) Define your mission clearly. 2) Makes plans carefully. 3) Inspires people passionately.
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Next Sunday:

  Next week, we continue a new series Change Your World in 52 Days, by looking into Defeating Discouragement.

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Our Way or God's Way

Exodus 2


Whenever challenges come, there are two different ways to respond: God's way or our way. Moses is an example of a man who, on separate occasions, tried out both options. In today's passage, we see what happened when he took matters into his own hands. Although his motives were pure - namely, the relief of his peoples' suffering - his method was wrong. Moses made three mistakes.


  1. He focused on the difficulty instead of on the Lord. How often have you and I done the same thing? The unfairness or pain of a situation grabs our attention and in our quest for a solution, we forget our all-powerful God.
  3. He relied on his own strength and understanding. When a problem arises, the most natural response is to do what we can to make it right.
  5. He acted impulsively rather than waiting on the Lord. If a situation seems urgent, fixing the problem as fast as possible becomes our top priority.


Our way can look so logical at the time, but let's consider how effective Moses was in achieving his goal. An Egyptian was killed, but the Hebrew people weren't liberated. Moses was misunderstood by those he tried to help, and his life took an unexpected detour into the desert for 40 long years.


We've all followed Moses' example at some point and suffered the consequences of self-reliance. But God didn't reject Moses and cancel His plans for him. Instead, He refined the future leader's character through trials and gave him another chance. Don't you think the Lord will do the same for us?

Used with permission from In Touch Ministries, Inc.

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