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January 14, 2013
Down With The Devil
Luke 4



Have you heard people say, "The devil made me do it?"


Well, here's the fact. That statement is a LIE. The devil can't make you do anything if you're a Christian because you have the power of Jesus Christ and the Word of God to help you do right when you're tempted.


Every Christian WILL be tempted to sin in three major areas: (1) physical pleasures; (2) earthly possessions; and (3) the pride of power or position. But like Jesus, we can be ready to withstand the devil's temptations.


It won't be easy, at first. We can crave physical pleasures, illicit sex, alcohol, excess food, and more. We can be so attracted to "stuff" that we go into enormous debt, even steal and cheat, to get what we want. The lust for power and position at work, even at church, can drive us to do things we never thought we could.


But we must get ready, spiritually, before temptation comes. We do this, first, by staying filled with God's Spirit (4:1). When we're born again, we receive God's Spirit and are "sealed" with Him. But to stay filled (or controlled by God), we must take action continually by praising Him, thanking Him, listening for His voice, and submitting to His will. We must do what's necessary, moment by moment, to yield ourselves to Him.


Second, we have to know the Word of God and speak it boldly in times of temptation. God's Word is our sword and strongest weapon. If we study, memorize, and know it, we can use it to resist the devil, and he will flee from us.


Like our Lord Jesus, we don't have to give in to temptation. When the devil (and our own desires) launch an all-out assault on our weaknesses, WE CAN STAND by being filled with praise and submission to God, and by wielding His Word at our enemy.


The devil couldn't make Jesus sin, and he can't make us sin, either. So let's get ready now, and plan to walk in victory.


Used by permission from NewSpring Church


Current Series
    We have a choice. We can play it safe or we can seize the life God has in mind for us. What's it going to be? Come explore what can happen when we become Bold.
Last Sunday:
  We continued our series Bold by looking at Bold Prayer. What you pray for reflects what you believe about God. The church in Acts 4 prayed for boldness in witnessing and for miracles to be done, so people would praise God. Then God answered by shaking the place and they went out speaking the Word of God boldly.
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Next Sunday:
  We continue our series of Bold. We are going to study Bold Speaking from Acts 9. We hope to see you next week!
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January 15 - Trustee's Meeting at 7 PM


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February 1 - Church-wide bowling at West Pike Bowling Alley in Canonsburg at 7 PM. More details to come.


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February 22 - Annual Soup Cook-Off at 7PM. All are eligible to participate and all are invited for this great time       of fellowship.


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As of this Sunday our total offering towards the possible new parsonage totaled $17,055! I want to thank all of those who gave sacrificially and over and above your regular giving. Now, just because the offering match offer has expired, does not mean that you cannot give more to the fund. Just designate on your offering envelope and it will go towards it. Thank you so much! Praise the Lord for His goodness!
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