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FBC E-Blast - July 9, 2012
FBC E-Blast
July 9, 2012


Ephesians 4

Over time, the word member has changed meaning. Today, the word member means a person belonging to a group like a member of a club or a member of Congress.

This new definition has caused a lot of confusion in the church regarding church membership. In this new definition it would be easy to say that church membership has its privileges. We might say that members are entitled to certain amenities. This definition has led to the concern of many over 3' x 6' burial plots that church-goers are entitled to, because they are members. Using this definition, we could come to the conclusion that members are not vital or necessary, or, that church is just a club where members show up for the best seats and enjoy meals with the club president, a.k.a. the Pastor. In this scenario, the membership is served by the staff and the members' dues pay the staff's salary.

But Ephesians 4:16 says, From Him the whole body, joined and held together by every supporting ligament, grows and builds itself up in love, as each part does its work. When the Bible was written, the word member meant appendage. Member referred to a body part, like a leg, or arm or organ. In this definition, every member is a necessary and vital part of the body. Every member plays an indispensable role in the success of the body. If one member is missing, the body is not as efficient as it could be. In this antiquated definition, individual members serve the needs of the body. When one member bleeds, the body is bleeding. When one member succeeds, the body is succeeding.

As members of Christ's body, the Church, let us live by the older definition, proceeding with an attitude of responsibility and gratitude, not entitlement. Let us follow the example of Christ who did not come to be served, but rather, came to serve and give His life for many. Are you a member of Christ's body?

Used by permission from NewSpring Church

Upcoming Events

Ladies' Small Group - The ladies meet on Sunday Nights at 6 PM and are going through the book Made To Crave by Lisa TerKeurst. If you have any questions please contact Stephanie Robinson at (724) 678-9520. The ladies will be meeting on July 15 at Caldwell's house and they will cover chapter 10, 11, and 12.

Men's Small Group - The men meet on Monday Nights at 7 PM and are going through the book The Resolution for Men by Stephen Kendrick. If you have any questions please contact Pastor Robinson at (724) 255-1695. Our next meeting will be on July 16th at a place to be determined and will cover chapters 6 and 7.

July 8-12 - Vacation Bible School for 4 year olds through those going into 6th grade. Begins at 6:30 and will end at 8:30. Questions? Call Stephanie.

July 13 - Family night at Wild Thing Baseball Stadium. Game starts at 7:05 PM and tickets are only $5 per ticket. If interested, please contact Pastor or Greg Rudman ASAP.

Special Opportunity

We have been approached by an individual who wants to help our church to be proactive in being prepared for the future. Recently there was a chance to purchase the house behind the church, but we were not in any position to purchase it. They have since taken it off the market, but will most likely be putting it back on the market in a year or so. This anonymous person has offered to match up to $5000 each month (from May through December) that would be given to the parsonage fund over and above your regular offerings. This is a great opportunity to get prepared to purchase some needed property for parking since our church is landlocked. Please consider donating some money towards this fund so we can be better prepared for this possible opportunity. Last month we raised $5,300! Praise the Lord!!

Current Series:

      The call we never expect... the diagnosis that knocks us off our feet... the regrets that keep us up at night. How could God let it happen? Why didn't He answer that prayer? What does it mean when He feels distant? He welcomes our questions.

      We continued on in our series with the message of Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People? We looked at 7 reasons why bad things happen to good people. We saw that none of us are good! We also looked at 3 responses to bad things by God's people.
      Sunday's message is available on our website, just under the calendar, or you can listen by visiting us on iTunes. You can also listen to previous messages.

Next Week:
      Lord willing we will continue our series with Why Would God Use Me? We hope to see you here!

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