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FBC E-Blast - June 20, 2016
FBC E-Blast

June 20, 2016

Dying to Be a Servant A Parable - John 12

Once upon a time there were two grains of wheat lying on the floor of a warm and cozy barn. But one day, the farmer came in and told them, "I want to take you out of this comfortable barn and plant you in the earth. I'm going to place you in the cold ground and cover you with soil. It will be dark, and you will die. But I promise that you will multiply and become very fruitful."

The first grain of wheat turned down the suggestion. "No way!" he said. "Count me out. I like my comfort, and I don't want to die." But the second one, after carefully considering the pain and discomfort of dying, decided the promise of a future harvest was worth the sacrifice. So the farmer took him outside and planted him in the ground, while allowing the first grain of wheat to remain inside the barn.

A few days later, a small green sprout appeared over where the seed had been planted. Then it grew and became a tall stalk of wheat that produced one hundred more grains. For the next forty years, the farmer planted all the seeds that had originated from that first grain of wheat, and year after year, the harvest multiplied. However, the grain of wheat that stayed in the barn remained there by itself, never multiplying--but he was very comfortable.

Which grain of wheat are you? Are you playing it safe, or have you let Christ plant you in the world? The only way you'll ever become useful and fruitful in God's kingdom is to abandon your own selfish desires, get out of your comfort zone, and serve the Lord by serving others.

Upcoming Sermon Series
      An angry king. Devastating drought. Epic opposition. And one man who overcomes it all. When the world around us is spinning out of control, where do we turn? Join us as we learn from Elijah.

Last Week:
      We learned that we are to be obedient to God no matter what. In spite of what you see or what others are doing, we are to obey Him! A faith tested is a faith that can be trusted. Our responsibility is to obey, the results are God's responsibility.
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Next Week:
      We will start our new series about Elijah by looking into The Making Of A Man Of God.

Upcoming Events

June 23, 2016 - Men's Small Group at 7 PM at the church

June 24, 2016 - Work Day at 6 PM at the church

June 26, 2016 - Lord's Supper and Deacon's Fund Offering following the AM Worship Service

July 3, 2016 - Carry-in Fellowship Dinner following the AM Worship Service

July 11, 2016 - Ladies Small Group at 7 PM at Stephanie Robinson's house

July 15, 2016 - Wild Things Game at 7:05 PM

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