FBC E-Blast - March 18, 2019
FBC E-Blast

March 18, 2019

Sanctification Isn't Passive - I Thessalonians 4

Did you know that God didn't save you just to keep you from hell and get you into heaven? His top priority while you are here on earth is to shape you into the image of His Son (Romans 8:29). But at this stage of our sanctification, He doesn't do it all for us. We have a responsibility to cooperate with Him and actively participate in the process. Yet many Christians have a passive attitude about the life of faith. They tolerate sin and smooth it over with the age-old excuse, "Nobody's perfect!"

When you received Christ as your Savior, you took the first step in your walk with Him - a walk that will last the rest of your life. However, you also stepped into spiritual warfare with Satan. The Enemy may have lost your soul, but he's going to do everything he can to hinder, sidetrack, and discourage you. The last thing he wants is a saint who's on fire for the Lord and useful in the kingdom.

But many believers have abdicated their responsibility to live holy lives. In fact, some of them look and act just like the unbelieving world. Sexual immorality is one area of compromise that the apostle Paul addressed specifically, but in truth, we should abstain from anything that interferes with godliness.

Have you allowed something in your life that shouldn’t be there? If so, you need to drop it now. You don't want a thread of sin to become a rope, then a chain, and finally a cable that traps you in a stronghold. Turn back to the Lord, and let your sanctification continue.

Current Sermon Series
      Within Jonah, there is a concrete example of sin and grace, without which you would be able to have a clear picture of what the Gospel is. We can also see within Jonah, a reflection of ourselves. We will also see a very clear picture of God just loving on a city.

Last Week:
      As Jonah is swallowed by a fish, he stops his running from God and repents. He sees that he is a depraved sinner in need of the immeasurable grace of God. The Law of God is the only way to have a relationship with God, but God's mercy surpasses the Law.
      Sunday's message is available for streaming or for download on our
sermons page, or by visiting us on iTunes.

Next Week:
      Next week, we will continue our series in Jonah by looking at chapter 3 with the message called Resurrection and Mission

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