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March 31, 2014
Our Standard of Measure
Luke 6


Today I want you to think about your interactions with others in terms of filling up a bucket and pouring its contents onto those people. With that in mind, let's consider two important factors.


First of all, what's in your bucket? Jesus points out a number of things that we can choose to pour out on others - namely, material possessions, love, good deeds, money, mercy, and pardon. It's quite an impressive list. And yet, the Lord calls His followers to an even higher standard. He instructs us to give to "takers," love our enemies, do good to those who mistreat us, lend expecting nothing in return, and grant mercy and pardon to those who don't deserve it.


Why would He call us to such extreme action? Because as God's children, we are expected to treat others the way He treats them - for "He Himself is kind to ungrateful and evil men" (v. 35).


The second factor to consider is the size of our bucket. Jesus says that by our standard of measure, it will be measured back to us (v. 38). However, we are alsotold to expect nothing in return from those we treat with kindness (v. 35). The ultimate reward for our loving and gracious behavior will come, not from them, but from the Most High God.


What are you pouring onto others each day? By showering them with grace, you display the character of your Father and show yourself to be His child. Use a big bucket full of love and kindness, and you'll discover that the Lord uses an even bigger bucket to lavish His goodness upon you.


Used with permission from In Touch Ministries, Inc.




Current Series:


The book of Ephesians is written to Christians who might be prone to treat their spiritual resources much like miserly people. Such believers are in danger of suffering from spiritual malnutrition, because they do not take advantage of the great storehouse of spiritual nourishment and resources that is at their disposal. No Christian has reason to be spiritually deprived, undernourished, or impoverished. In fact, a Christian has no reason not to be completely healthy and immeasurably rich in the things of God. The Lord's heavenly resources are more than adequate to cover all our past debts, all our present liabilities, and all our future needs - and still not reduce the heavenly assets. That is the marvel of God's gracious provision for His children.


Last Week:


      We are elected to riches in Christ Jesus. What does that mean? How does being chosen before the foundations of the world, affect us? What was God's purpose and goal through all of this passage? Find answers to these questions and more in this message.
      Sunday's message is available for streaming or for download on our website, just under the calendar, or by visiting us on iTunes.


Next Week:


      Next Week we shall continue our series by looking into how we are Rich In Redemption.


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April 19 - Midway Community Easter Egg Hunt at noon. If you are interested in contributing to this event, we are asking for donations of non-chocolate and non-melting candy for our eggs. As well, we are going to need many helpers on the day of the event.


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