FBC E-Blast - March 9, 2020
FBC E-Blast

March 9, 2020

Our Heavenly Father's Unconditional Love - Romans 5

Scripture tells us that love is the very essence of who God is (I John 4:7). So if you don't believe that He loves you unconditionally, you'll never really know Him or have genuine peace about your relationship with Him.

How do you define "love"? It is Jesus unselfishly reaching out to mankind, giving Himself to us and bringing good into our life regardless of whether or not we accept Him. Romans 5:8 tells us that His care and concern are so immeasurable that He laid down His life for us while we were still His enemies. In fact, the Bible says that He first began to express His love toward us before the foundation of the world (Ephesians 1:3-5). That means your actions had absolutely nothing to do with His love for you!

God's commitment to us has absolutely no conditions or restrictions and isn't based on whether we love Him back. Nor does He have more love for "good" people who may strike us as more worthy. He loves us even in our sin, even when we don't repent. Does that give us license to disobey? No. It gives us power to live holy lives, walk obediently with Him, and learn to love Him the way He deserves. To follow Him is to receive the love He has been offering all along.

Every single moment, whether awake or asleep, we all live under the canopy of the Lord's wondrous, absolute love for us. But to fully experience that love, you must receive it. Say yes to this amazing gift that God wants to pour out on you. Bask in it, and let it overflow to those around you.

Current Sermon Series
      The Gospel of John gives us a marvelous and glorious picture of who Jesus Christ is, His character, His motives, His interactions as He echoes the Old Testament declaration of God through His seven I Am claims.

Last Week:
      We see that Jesus said that He is the Light of the World. The Light moves us from formless to formed, from dark to light, and from void to filled. With a relationship with Christ, He does all of that in our lives.
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Next Week:
      We will continue looking at who Jesus is by looking at when He said, "I Am the Door."

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