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FBC E-Blast - October 13, 2014
FBC E-Blast

October 13, 2014

When Things Seem Impossible

Jeremiah 32

What is your first reaction when you encounter a difficult circumstance - one that looks impossible? Some people go into "overdrive" searching for an answer or a way out. Others curl up in defeat or withdrawal, either declaring the situation hopeless or trying to avoid it altogether. Hopefully, as a Christian, you turn immediately to the Lord, seeking His guidance. But what you ask Him is very important.

O Lord, what am I going to do? At first glance, this seems like the right thing to ask, but is it? The problem with this question is that even though we are seeking the Lord's guidance, the focus is on our actions. That means the way we think about how to handle the situation is limited to our abilities, resources, and understanding. All too often, our minds will begin to devise possible plans, and we soon resort to manipulating and maneuvering in an attempt to fix the problem.

God, what are You going to do? This is the right question because now the focus has shifted to the omniscience and omnipotence of almighty God. He blows the sides out of any box that confines us and untangles any situation that baffles us. He has the power to carry out His plans, which - unlike our solutions - are perfect, always bringing Him glory.

To truly pray the second prayer, you must be willing to surrender all your plans into His hands. Not only does He know what to do and how to accomplish it, but He can also make a way through any impossibility. Your job is simply to trust Him and obediently follow His directions.

Used with permission from In Touch Ministries, Inc.

Current Sermon Series:

      Many of us don't realize the importance of the people we choose to surround ourselves with. Our friends determine the quality and direction of our lives. In Friending, learn how good friends (and bad friends) can impact your feelings, your relationship with God, and your future. This series can help create a strong foundation for new, Godly friendships in our church and community.

Last Week: There are friends that each of us need in our lives. David's life shows us this. Samuel - Someone who will make us better. Jonathon - Someone who will strengthen us in the Lord. Nathan - Someone who will tell us the hard truth. Do you have them?
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Next Week: We will continue our series Friending by looking into the One Community Away.

October 14 - Trustees Meeting at 7 PM.

October 15 - Quarterly Business Meeting at 7:30 PM.

October 18 - Work Day at the church at 8 AM.

October 25 - Fall Festival at 5 PM. It will be held at the Staub's home (There is a sign that says Raney Day Farm at the end of the drive.).

October 28 - Men's Bible Study. More details to come.

November - Get to Know You Dinners. This is for our church to get to know one another better. Please sign up in the foyer for this great time of fellowship. See pastor or deacons for more details.

November 2 - No Carry-In Fellowship Dinner

November 16 - Thanksgiving Carry In Fellowship Dinner following the AM Worship Service.

November 25 - Thanksgiving Service at 7 PM

November 26 - No Wednesday Services

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