FBC E-Blast - October 21, 2013
FBC E-Blast

October 21, 2013


FBC E-Blast

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Upcoming Sermon Series

  We're all held hostage by something...what is your captor? Maybe it's fear, pride, lust, or even jealousy. The good news is that our ransom has been paid in full. Join us for Hostage and discover how to truly break free, once and for all, from the ties that bind.

Last Sunday:

  Worry robs of our joy. It means to choke or strangle, and that is what worry does to our lives. Worry is the opposite of faith. In this message, we learn how to battle worry.
  Sunday's message is available for streaming or for download on our website, just under the calendar, or by visiting us on iTunes.

Next Sunday:

      We will continue our series Hostage by looking into Addictions.

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Claiming a Promise of God

II Peter 1


God's promises are very precious. Not only do they remind us of His personal interest in our lives, but they also provide hope and encouragement during difficult times.


Before claiming a promise, we must check ourselves in three areas: faith, obedience, and patience. First, we must trust Jesus as our personal Savior and live on the basis of our belief in Him. Obeying God is also necessary. If we willfully continue to disobey the Lord, then He is not obligated to fulfill His promise (I Peter 3:12). Finally, patience is another requirement. God operates on His timetable to accomplish His purposes according to His perfect plan. Waiting on Him is necessary.


At times it will seem as if a divine promise is not being fulfilled. When that is the case, take a second look at the biblical passage to be sure it applies to you. Then verify that you have met any conditions, and examine whether there is a genuine need. If you are still convinced the promise applies, then you can look a little deeper at your request. Will the Lord be honored when this promise is fulfilled? Can He answer this prayer without harming others or hindering His will in their life? Will this help you grow spiritually? These additional questions will assist you in claiming a promise of God.


The Holy Spirit is our instructor, who will teach us about the Lord's promises. He wants to build our faith through Scripture, provide the strength necessary to obey, and develop in us the fruit of patience. These qualities help us as we look to God to fulfill His promises.

Used with permission from In Touch Ministries, Inc.

Upcoming Events:

October 26 - Men's Prayer Breakfast at 8 AM. Work day to follow.


October 27 - Lord's Supper & Deacon's Fund Offering


November 3 - No Carry-in Dinner


November 10 - Thanksgiving Carry-in Dinner


November 12 - G.R.O.W.


November 17 - Deacon's Meeting at 8 AM. Nominating Committee Meeting at 9:15 AM


November 26 - Thanksgiving Service at 7 PM

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