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FBC E-Blast - October 22, 2012
FBC E-Blast

First Baptist Church
October 22, 2012
Love Is All You Need
I Timothy 1


Do you love Jesus? Are you focused on becoming like him? Only then do you know the Truth and are able to share the Truth about him.

The Apostle Paul shares this most important advice with Timothy, his church planting apprentice, concerning what it takes to be a good pastor or leader over groups of new Christians.

Paul's warnings and instructions to Timothy are helpful to every believer because God wants each of us to lead others to know the Truth of the good news of Jesus.

Paul's bottom line: You don't need any special knowledge. You don't need any special qualifications. In fact, it's not really about you. It's all about what God is doing in you.

Paul says we honor the truth about God by growing in love with God. And only by growing into the love of God are we able to live out of the love of God to help others.

How do we know we're growing in love? Our faith increases as we see Jesus more and more as our only hope. Our good conscience increases as we understand more and more what God desires of us. And our purity increases as we lead ourselves more and more to become holy like Christ.

Used by permission from NewSpring Church

Current Series
    Battles are inevitable but victory is not. We often find ourselves fighting enemies that are stronger than we are. So how do you stand fearless when there's so much at stake? Be inspired by accounts from God's word about average people who became champions and overcame insurmountable odds. Do you have what it takes? Experience Fearless to find out once and for all.
Last Sunday:
    God did not give us the spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. Face your fears like Benaiah, the captain of the bodyguards of King David, a general of the Israeli army, and one of David's might men of valor. He faced a lion in a snowy cave singlehandedly and defeated the lion. What lions or fears do we need to face?
    Sunday's message is available for streaming or downloading on our website, just under the calendar, or you can do so by visiting us on iTunes. You can also listen to previous messages.
Next Sunday:
    We have a special guest coming to be our speaker this upcoming Sunday. We will have missionary Stephen Philippi to Bangladesh with us. On November 4, Dale Bish, Jr. will be speaking as well. We hope to see you with us!
Upcoming Events:

Please Note - Pastor Ben will be out of town for a while. His father is nearing the end of his journey here on this earth, and he will be with his family in Indiana. If you need to get a hold of him, he is still available by his email and cell phone (724-255-1695). If you do not want to bother him, you can contact one of the deacons, Dale Bish, Jr., Greg Rudman, Jim Hopper, or Rick Paterni. Please keep him and his family in prayer. Thank you.

October 28 - Stephen Philippi Missionary to Bangladesh will be our guest speaker

November - The anonymous donor, who is matching donations towards the new parsonage through December, will double match all donations to the new parsonage in the month of November. Praise the Lord for this person's generosity!

November 3 - Fall Festival at Hopper's home begins at 4 PM and

November 4 - No Carry-in Dinner

November 18 - Carry-in Thanksgiving Dinner

November 25 - Lord's Supper

December 2 - No Carry-in Dinner

December 24 - Christmas Eve Service

Special Opportunity

We have been approached by an individual who wants to help our church to be proactive in being prepared for the future. Recently there was a chance to purchase the house behind the church, but we were not in any position to purchase it. They have since taken it off the market, but will most likely be putting it back on the market in a year or so. This anonymous person has offered to match up to $5000 each month (from May through December) that would be given to the parsonage fund over and above your regular offerings. This is a great opportunity to get prepared to purchase some needed property for parking since our church is landlocked. Please consider donating some money towards this fund so we can be better prepared for this possible opportunity. We have raised $7,300! Praise the Lord!!
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