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FBC E-Blast - September 15, 2014
FBC E-Blast

September 15, 2014


Romans 8

Our world is a changing, uncertain place. Many people seek security in wealth, relationships, and power. These things, however, are not guaranteed from one day to the next. Watching the news provides enough proof that any of them can be taken away in a moment. No wonder there is such despair and fear.

For believers, thankfully, reality is not based in what we see. Nor is our foundation found in this world. We build our hope and trust on the Lord, and we believe the truth in His Word.

Even in chaotic times, our certainty is found in God's loving relationship with us as His children. Today's passage tells us that nothing can tear us away from our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Therefore, in the midst of turmoil and trials, we have assurance that our lives are in the grip of the almighty God. We can rely not only on His love and presence, but also on His uninterrupted attention, faithfulness, and perfect care.

When difficulty arises and circumstances seem overwhelming, we can respond with confidence and strength because of Jesus. Along with the psalmist, who also lived during times of war and stressful events, we can call the Lord "My refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust" (Psalm 91:2).

Consider where you find security. Is the foundation of your life built upon the solid rock of Jesus? Or is it planted in something as unstable as sand - like money or prestige? Placing hope and confidence in anything apart from the Lord will ultimately leave you feeling broken and defeated.

Used with permission from In Touch Ministries, Inc.

Previous Sermon Series:

      We are not our labels. We are not who others say we are. And we aren't the broken self-image we see in the mirror. So how can we get to our true identity? By laying down who we think we are to become who God says we are. Let's discover our Altar Ego. We will tackle issues like inadequacy, low self esteem anger, and offense - learn to exchange these feelings for the grace and love of Christ.

Last Week: We continued our series on Altar Ego by looking at laying down My Need For Control. We learned that we all try to control two broad categories: people or categories. We learned that there are three questions that we need to ask to see if we need to lay it down on the altar before God: 1) Is It Worth My Concern? 2) Is It Mine To Control? and 3) Is It For God Alone?
      Sunday's message is usually available for streaming or for download on our website, just under the calendar, or by visiting us on iTunes, but due to technical difficulties this is not available.

Next Week: We will continue our series Altar Ego by looking into laying down our Right To Be Offended.

September 18 - Trustee's Meeting at 7 PM.

September 28 - Lord's Supper following AM Worship Service.

October 5 - Carry-In Fellowship Dinner following AM Worship Service.

October 15 - Quarterly Business Meeting at 7:30 PM.

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