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FBC E-Blast - September 24, 2018
FBC E-Blast

September 24, 2018

The Riches of God's Grace - Ephesians 1

Do you think of yourself as rich? No matter how much money you have, if you're a believer in Jesus, you're extremely wealthy because God has lavished the riches of His grace upon you. At the moment of salvation, He deposited into your account "every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ" (v. 3). Why, then, do so many believers live in spiritual poverty?

  1. Ignorance. Some Christians don't know about this unlimited spiritual "bank account," and, therefore, they never draw upon it.

  2. Confusion. Too many believers just don't know how to access the treasures of God's grace. As a result, they worry and complain about their needs and problems or in desperation come to the Lord begging and pleading for help, never realizing His abundant supply has already been deposited into their account.

  3. Competing Interests. Distraction by things of this world may be the most common reason. Christians in this category focus on possessions, pressing responsibilities, and advancement but lack interest in God's spiritual blessings.

The riches of God's grace supersede any earthly wealth. They give the peace and contentment that money can never buy, and their benefits reach all the way into eternity.

The only way to access God's spiritual riches is by faith. We don't have to beg or persuade the Lord to give what He has already made available to us. Instead, we simply choose to believe that we are who He says we are and can do what He has called us to accomplish.

Upcoming Sermon Series
      The book of Titus is full of rules. But the motivation for these rules is not legalism. It is the incarnation of the Son of God for redemption. Christianity is not merely rules to be followed but, instead, joy to be found.
      This series will start September 30. We hope to see you there!

Last Week:
      Bro. Lyons spoke on how missions helps us claim that great inheritance from the Lord. We need to commit to strategic prayer, priority giving, and total involvement.
      Sunday's message is available for streaming or for download on our
sermons page, or by visiting us on iTunes.

Next Week:
      We will begin our new series of Titus by looking at God's Promised Plan.

Upcoming Events

September 29 - Fall Festival at the Staub's house.

September 30 - Lord Supper & Deacon's Fund Offering following the AM Worship service

October 2 - Dartball at our church at 7:15 PM

October 5-6 - Ark Encounter Trip For more information, see Pastor or Greg Rudman

October 7 - Carry-in Fellowship Dinner following AM Worship service

October 13 - Trustee Meeting at 8 AM.

October 14 - Deacon's Meeting at 8 AM

October 17 - Quarterly Business Meeting at 7 PM

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