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FBC E-Blast - April 24, 2017

FBC E-Blast

April 24, 2017

The Value of Seeking the Lord - Psalm 119

We all have ambitions and desires. And while these are not necessarily wrong, we should analyze our priorities: Where do I invest my time and energy? What or who occupies my thoughts? As important as our earthly pursuits, responsibilities, and relationships may be, they cannot compare to the value of a life spent seeking the Lord.

First of all, consider what it means to seek something. The word connotes a strong desire and an energetic quest to achieve it.Suppose you discovered a very productive vein of gold on your property. You wouldn’t just stroll out and look at it occasionally. No, you would gather some equipment and diligently go out each day to chip away at the rocks and collect the precious metal.

In the same way, seeking the Lord is not a quick and occasional encounter, but a wholehearted effort to know Him more intimately and follow Him more closely. Those who unreservedly pursue this kind of fellowship with God are determined to spend time with Him; they also want to forsake anything that could hinder growth in their relationship with the Lord. God’s committed followers boldly claim His promises and trust Him to fulfill His Word. Their experiences with the Lord bring amazing satisfaction yet cause them to hunger for more of Him.

The Christian life is meant to be a pursuit of God. To walk through the door of salvation and stand still, never drawing any closer to Him, is to miss the treasures that are available in Christ. Those who seek Him soon discover that knowing Him is the greatest reward of all.

Current Sermon Series
      How different would the world look if everyone got what they deserved? Would your salary be the same? What would our prisons look like? Would nice guys finish first or last? Or would things be a lot worse? This four-part sermon series takes a look at the things we actually deserve that God's forgiveness spares us from: death, condemnation, rejection, and being counted out.

Last Week:
      A woman brought before Jesus was caught in the midst of adultery. She was expecting to die, since it was a crime punishable by death. She expected the condemnation, but Jesus, in His love and grace, gave her mercy.
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Next Week:
      Next week, we will look into the well known wee little man, Zacchaeus. He was more than just a wee little man, he was a big time sinner. People rejected him, but Christ gave him acceptance. Join us next week, Lord willing, as we look into this unique individual.

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