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April 14, 2014
How to Seek the Lord
Mark 9


Although Scripture tells us to seek the Lord, many Christians struggle with this command. Some are so distracted by other interests and responsibilities that God is only a miniscule part of their goals and desires in life. When confronted with their responsibility to pursue Him, they often feel guilty but don't know how to begin.


When desire for God surpasses our eagerness for other pursuits, following through becomes much more likely. But hunger for the Lord is an acquired taste. The more we pursue Him, the greater our hunger will be. However, if we ignore Him, what little appetite we have will diminish even further. Do you find that the latter describes your experience? Then ask the Lord to whet your appetite for Him - and follow through by making the effort to seek Him.


Begin with the Scriptures and prayer. Set aside time each day for meditating on God's Word - listen for His voice, slowly digest what you read, talk to the Lord, ask Him questions, and apply what you learn to your life. Begin studying the Bible. Some of you may say, "I've never been into that." My advice: Get into it! The deep things of God don't just drop into our brains; they are placed there through diligent study.


Seeking anything requires time and effort. Will you invest your life in the pursuit of the Eternal One - the source of all contentment, joy, and hope? Or will you go after that which is fleeting? By neglecting the Lord, you cheat yourself of all the benefits He promises to those who diligently seek Him.


Used with permission from In Touch Ministries, Inc.




Upcoming Series:


To the dead man, Jesus was life. To the prostitute, He was a second chance. To the searching, He was the long-awaited answer. Discover what it means when He says, "I Am Jesus." In this series, learn some of the different ways Jesus is represented in the Bible: as the Resurrection and the Life, as the Good Shepherd, as the Light of the World, and as the Vine.


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      Our inheritance is an eternity with God. But God seals us with His Holy Spirit, until we come into full inheritance. We saw the grounds, guarantee and goal of our inheritance, for those who have put their faith and trust in Him for our salvation.
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      Next Sunday is Easter and we hope that you will worship Christ with us on the special day set aside to celebrate the resurrection of Christ. We will be starting a new series entitled, I Am Jesus, by looking at I Am The Resurrection and The Life.


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April 19 - Midway Community Easter Egg Hunt at noon. If you are interested in contributing to this event, we are asking for donations of non-chocolate and non-melting candy for our eggs. As well, we are going to need many helpers on the day of the event.


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