FBC E-Blast - June 24, 2013
FBC E-Blast
First Baptist Church
June 24, 2013
Luke 23


We've all been teased. We've all been made fun of for some quirky character trait or a physical flaw. We've all bore the brunt of a joke but few of us have chosen mockery, willingly placing ourselves on the front lines ready to receive a barrage of verbal assaults. Jesus did. Jesus chose to endure the questioning of Pilot, the ridicule of the Jewish Council, and the rejecting crowd screaming, "Crucify, crucify Him." Despite His power, Jesus allowed them to continue their insults knowing His death would soon follow.

The Bible says in Isaiah 53 that Jesus "was despised and rejected by men, a man of sorrows, and familiar with suffering." It says that He was "oppressed and afflicted, yet he did not open his mouth."

Jesus swallowed the name-calling, the rejection, and the beatings for our sake. He bore this suffering and by doing so, demonstrated His love for us. Christ's obedience placed Him in extremely uncomfortable places. Jesus was able to endure His circumstances because of His undeniable love for the Father and for us. We see Christ's undeniable love for us on the cross. His undeniable love marks us. In our hardest times, we can endure hardship and ridicule because of Christ. We can show the world what true love is. We can be undeniable.

Father, may You and Your work be undeniable in our lives.

Used by permission from NewSpring Church

Current Series
  Think you're strong? Even our best intentions can falter when we face temptation and distraction. Join us for Samson as we learn how to stand strong against forces of darkness that want to take us out.
Last Sunday:
  Yesterday we continued our new series of Samson by looking into Emotions That Take Strong Men Down. Samson kept making poor decisions. We saw how he was driven by the emotions of burning anger and destructive pride. We ought not be like Samson as emotionally driven, instead we should be Holy Spirit led.
  Sunday's message is available for streaming or for download on our website, just under the calendar, or by visiting us on iTunes.
Next Sunday:
  Next week we will continue our series Samson by looking into Small Steps Towards Big Destructions from Judges 15.
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June 23-27 - Vacation Bible School from 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM.

June 30 - Lord's Supper & Deacon's Fund Offering

July 7 - Carry-in Dinner following AM Service

July 19 - Family Game Night. A time for families to enjoy some time together with our church family. There will be a cookout and various outdoor games.

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