FBC E-Blast - March 2, 2020
FBC E-Blast

March 2, 2020

No Greater Love - John 15

Perhaps the most intense love and protective instinct in the experience of mankind is that of parents toward their children. There is little that most mothers or fathers wouldn't do for a baby. If a truck posed a threat to the little one, it wouldn't surprise us if they jumped in front of the moving vehicle without a second thought.

Wouldn't you like to be cared for with this kind of intensity? You are. In fact, the Lord's love toward you is far deeper and more secure than that of even the most caring, tuned-in human parent. And what God did for us is proof. Romans 5:8 says that while we were living in disobedience, He sent His only Son to die on the cross for us.

Think about a father giving up his child for people who choose to rebel against him. What a tremendous sacrifice and cost! Jesus' death took the place of the punishment that we deserved. If we accept this gift and decide to follow God, He no longer sees us as guilty. Rather, He justifies us, makes us righteous, and changes our ultimate destiny: instead of facing everlasting separation from Him, we will enjoy His presence eternally. What's more, almighty God adopts us as His children forever. Our heavenly Father guides, protects, and counsels us as we walk through lifeā€”and promises us that we are secure in Him throughout eternity.

How incredible that the Creator of the universe would love you and me in this way! Do you know and experience the security and sweetness of His care? Gratitude and praise should flow from your heart. In turn, love others deeply out of thankfulness for the love that you have received.

Current Sermon Series
      The Gospel of John gives us a marvelous and glorious picture of who Jesus Christ is, His character, His motives, His interactions as He echoes the Old Testament declaration of God through His seven I Am claims.

Last Week:
      Jesus declares, "I am the bread of life." As He does this, He exposes His followers true need, motivation and allegiance. He shows them that there perceived needs are not their actual needs. When Jesus drew the line in the sand, the crowd walks away.
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Next Week:
      We will continue looking at who Jesus is by looking at when He said, "I Am Light of the World."

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