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FBC E-Blast - January 21, 2013

FBC E-Blast
First Baptist Church
January 21, 2013
Life Made New
Luke 5


"New." This word sells everything from dish soap to identity. No wonder we miss the magnitude of its meaning. New isn't old plus something. "New" is not just "improved," "bigger" or "better." It is something we don't even have a grid for. It is unique - without comparison.

In Luke 5, Jesus wants us to understand the life he brings confounds all our expectations. Jesus shows Simon Peter, James and John that success as fishermen wasn't about hard work or experience but in obeying his word to "let down the nets." Even their idea of success itself is transformed, as the three bring in a catch so large it threatens to sink their boats!

That's why they, and we, must follow Jesus once we've encountered him. Without Jesus, we don't know what it even means to live in him and for him. The first disciples are told they will now learn to fish for men!? Everything is new. Jesus warns that many will try to put this "new life" in old containers of thinking and understanding and expectation, but as God's one and only son, he will break out of them all.

In what part of your life are you failing to give up your own understanding and trust Christ to teach you something completely new? If you don't, Christ warns that you'll waste your "new life" and the old one won't hold up either.

Used by permission from NewSpring Church

Current Series
    We have a choice. We can play it safe or we can seize the life God has in mind for us. What's it going to be? Come explore what can happen when we become Bold.
Last Sunday:
  We were still looking into our series Bold and we did so by studied Bold Speaking. We speak boldly about what we believe deeply. We were encouraged to speak boldly concerning four areas. 1) Preaching to ourselves. 2) Encourage others. 3) Lovingly correct others. 4) Lead others towards Christ.
  Sunday's message is available for streaming or downloading on our website, just under the calendar, or by visiting us on iTunes.
Next Sunday:
  We will finish our series of Bold. We are going to get into Bold Obedience from Acts 5. We hope to see you next week!
Upcoming Events:

January 23 - Annual Business Meeting at 7:30 PM

January 27 - Lord's Supper and Deacon's Fund Offering Following AM Worship Service.

February 1 - Church-wide bowling at West Pike Bowling Alley in Canonsburg at 7 PM. $10 per person for 2 hours of bowling, shoe rental, 2 pieces of pizza, and soft drinks.

February 3 - Carry-in Dinner following the AM Worship Service

February 22 - Annual Soup Cook-Off at 7PM. All are eligible to participate and all are invited for this great time of fellowship.

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